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Fall Session
Starts Dates:
Women 25+: August 27
Men 18+: August 28
Men 30+: August 28
Adult Coed 18+: Aug. 29 & 30
Adult Coed Rec: Aug. 29 & 30
Team & Individual
Sign Ups Accepted!
Little & Mini Strikers
clinics start Saturday,
September 8, 2018

Fieldhouse Soccer
Skills & Goalkeeper
start Monday,
November 5, 2018

Team Packets for
Summer Session
2018 are
Due on or before 
June 29, 2018
to avoid the
$50 late fee.

Coaches listed on
youth team rosters
will be submitted to
New Hampshire
Soccer Association for
a background check.
Soccer Central
Tuesday, August 21, 2018
 FieldHouse Indoor Soccer League
at FieldHouse Sports
Leagues, Teams, and Clinics for Men and Women, Boys and Girls,
of all ages and abilities, Youth to Adult. Competitive and Recreational.
FieldHouse Sports offers Indoor Soccer Leagues which include:
  • U6 Coed
  • U8 Coed
  • U10 Boys and Girls
  • U12 Boys and Girls
  • U14 Boys and Girls
  • U16 Boys and Girls
  • U19 High School Boys and Girls
  • Elementary School Coed
  • Middle School Coed
  • High School Coed
  • Men's Select 18+
  • Women 25+
  • Men 30+
  • Adult Coed Select 18+ (18+ for Men and Women)
  • Adult Coed Recreational (18+ for Women, 25+ for Men)
  • Adult Coed Recreational 40+
New Hampshire Indoor Soccer Leagues play year round
at our State of the Art facility in Bow, NH.  


Register or Manage
Your Team

Free Agent Sign Up
Only for Players that
do not have a team.

What is Indoor Soccer?

Indoor Soccer differs slightly from outdoor soccer. It is played with a running clock and substitutions are made on-the-fly. The ball can be played off the dasher boards. The speed of play enables players to develop quick reflexes and requires them to work on ball control and team skills. Skills improve rapidly which translates to better skills when players return to the outdoor game.

All games are played at FieldHouse Sports. Teams and individuals register in their appropriate age group (U-6, U-8, U-10 etc. based on age as of August 1), and once a week, for one hour, teams play a game against a scheduled opponent. Games run on schedule! We create the schedules and provide the referees, concession stand and awards.

Both Youth and Adults LOVE to play!Sessions run for 12 weeks, and we recommend 12 to 15 players per team. Teams can be made up of players from any town. We also offer individual registrations for players who would like to join a team. We can't guarantee placement, but we do our best to place as many individuals as possible. Each age group plays on their own designated day each week.

Consider Playing, Coaching or Managing a Team! Both Youth and Adult Leagues are very popular, and Beginners are always Welcome!

It's FUN, as well as a Great Workout, Stress Reliever, Social Outlet and a terrific way to escape the winter chill!

U6 and U8 Leagues

The U6 and U8 leagues offer exciting, low pressure games. They are geared for children ages 4 to 7 who are looking for game situations rather than for a clinic atmosphere.

Leagues for U8 and U6 are organized just like the older age groups. Scores are not kept at this age with the intention of placing the emphasis on Skill Development, Confidence and Fun rather than on the game's outcome. This encourages the players to enjoy the experience while learning to play as a team rather than focusing on the outcome of the games.

U8 games are played on weekday afternoons, and U6 games are played on Saturday afternoons.

JOIN US! Organize a team of your children's friends!

The kids will have a BLAST
and so will you!!!

Don't forget our
Adult Leagues!
Beginners are Welcome!!!

Year Round Sessions!

The Indoor Season begins in late October/early November, after the outdoor season has been completed.

Sessions run Year Round for Adult Leagues, and from late October until late June for Youth Leagues. A summer session for youth would also be offered if there are enough teams interested to form a league.

Recreational and Competitive Divisions are available for every league, so there is a Division for every Skill Level.

Approximate Session Dates:

Winter Session #1: Late Oct/Early Nov. to Mid January (12 weeks)

Winter Session #2 Mid/Late January to Mid/Late April (12 weeks)

Spring Session: Late April to end of June (8 weeks)

Summer Session: Late June to mid August (8 weeks)

Fall Session: Early September to late October (8 weeks)

General Dates and Times:

Winter Sessions: Days are subject to change based on demand from various age groups.

Spring Session:Youth games are played on Saturdays afternoons and evenings

U6 Coed Saturday afternoons
U8 Coed Tuesday-Friday afternoons/early evenings
U10 Girls Sunday afternoons,
Thursday afternoons (4pm start)
U10 Boys
Saturday late morning/early afternoon, Monday
afternoons (4pm start)

School Coed#

Thursday afternoon,
Sunday afternoon

U12 Girls
Sunday late morning/early afternoon, Wednesday
afternoons (4pm start)
U12 Boys Saturday mornings,
Tues. afternoons (4pm start)
U14 Girls Saturday afternoons/early evenings
U14 Boys Fri. evenings (4pm Start),
Sat. afternoons/evenings
Middle School
Sat. late mornings, Thur. afternoons (4pm Start)
U16 Girls Sunday afternoons/early evenings
U16 Boys Fri. and Sat. evenings
U19 HS Girls~ Sunday evenings
U19 HS Boys~ Sunday mornings
High School
Friday and Saturday evenings
Select 18+*
Monday evenings, some Tues. and Sun. evenings
Women's 25+ Monday evenings
Men's 30+ Tuesday evenings
Adult Coed
Select 18+*
Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings
Adult Coed
Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings
Adult Coed
Monday evenings
#Recommended players be in Grades 1-4, may not be older than Grade 4
^Recommended players be in Grades 5-8, may not be older than Grade 8
°Recommended players be in Grades 9-12, may not be older than Grade 12
~Players may not be older than high school
*Players must be at least 18 yrs. of age and out of high school as of the first day of the session.
**Male Players must be at least 25 yrs. of age and Female players must be at least 18 yrs. of age and out of high school as of the first day of the session.
***Players must be at least 40 yrs. of age as of the first day of the session.

***Youth age-group eligibility***
Determined by a player's age
as of January 1st.

***Adult age-group eligibility***
Determined by player's age
on the first day of the session.

Our League Fees are
very competitive.

Call 603-226-4646
for fees.



FieldHouse offers playoffs at the end of each session for A and B Divisions. We also offer a Recreational Division which does not keep standings or offer playoffs. This seems to increase the FUN for the Recreational Player and eliminate some of the pressure associated with standings and playoffs*.

A & B Division Champions receive:

  • FieldHouse Indoor Soccer League Championship T-shirt
  • First place trophy

A & B Division Runners-up receive:

  • Division finalist medal

*The only playoff exceptions are for youth under the U12 age group. The New Hampshire Soccer Association has forbidden playoffs for these age groups, because they feel that it places excessive pressure to excel on these young children.

Individual Sign-Ups

FieldHouse offers Individual Sign-Ups to players who are interested in playing soccer, but don't have a team to play on. FieldHouse can't guarantee that players on the Individual Sign-Up List will be placed on a team but players on the Individual Sign-Up List have the opportunity to be picked up to play on a team that is participating at FieldHouse.

Based on the number of players on the Individual Sign-Up List, FieldHouse may create "House Teams". When House Teams are created, a Parent volunteer is needed to coach the team.

FieldHouse's Individual Sign-Up List is also available to Coaches and Teams that are looking to add players to their roster. We encourage Coaches and Teams, that are looking for more players, to contact FieldHouse and utilize the Individual Sign-Up List. It's a GREAT tool!

Call FieldHouse at 603-226-4646 if you are an Individual and would like to register on our Individual Sign-Up List, or if you are a Coach or a Team that would like to use FieldHouse's Individual Sign-Up List to add players to your team!

FieldHouse Sports supports the CDC "Heads Up" Concussion Awareness Program for all Players, Parents, Coaches, and Referees. Online Concussion Courses are also available to those who are interested further concussion training.