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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Parties at FieldHouse

Parties at FieldHouse are always a hit...
Kids and Adults LOVE them!!!

Rent a field for Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Flag Football,
Capture the Flag, Freeze Tag or Relay Races.(Use your imagination!!!)

Bring your own cake, ice cream and favors,
and we will set aside one of our tables for your party after the recreational fun is done.

*No mess at your house*
* Space for your kids to run and burn off energy*
*Enough space for everyone on your Party List*
*Predictable party weather*
~Refrigerator and Freezer space are available if needed~

Field Options
(3) Pro-size Boarded Indoor Turf Fields
Featuring FieldTurf: An artificial grass
that looks, feels, and plays like real grass.

(1) Multi-Sport Boarded Field
Smaller sized field with resilient playing surface
Available for Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and more

Referees are available upon request
(for an additional fee)

Reservations are Required
Rates and Availability: Call FieldHouse at 603-226-4646