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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Field Rentals
Field Rentals are available to accommodate your specific needs...
Either your Choice of Sport or your Practice or Event
Team Training and Practices
Rentals are available throughout the year for your Team Training for Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee and Softball.
 Preschool Field Days
 Group Outings
 Family and Neighborhood Gatherings
Large Event Rentals
  Give us a call to discuss Unique Possibilities for your Event Rental 
Field Options

(3) Pro-size Boarded Indoor Turf Fields
Featuring FieldTurf: An artificial grass
that looks, feels, and plays like real grass.

(1) Boarded Multi-Sport Field
              Smaller field with resilient playing surface.               Available for Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball

Reservations are required
Rates and Availability: Contact FieldHouse at 603-226-4646